Velodrome II

installation, 2015

The Green in Your Eyes II

12 installations, 2016-2017

Fractured Border

installation, 2017


installation, curator, 2012-13

Whispers and Small Laughter

installation, 2015


expo, curator, 2010

Meetings, like Deams

painting, 2011

The Green in Your Eyes I

5 installations, 2014-2015


sculpture, 2013

Floating Island

painting, 2011

Even Imbeciles can See

sculpture, 2010-2011

Discover the Plantscape

installation, commercial, 2014

Deurnese Da Vincis

installations, 2014-2017

Piknik Horrifik II

theatre, 2013-14

No Forest Too Small

sculpture, 2010

Rozemaai Egg

installation, 2013

At Light Speed

8 drawings, 2017


book, 2013

Wherever He Saw a Hole

sculpture, 2011


theatre, 2016

Along the Path I Warp

6 drawings, 2017

Dead City Birds

theatre, 2008-13

Velodrome I

installation, 2014

The Green in Your Eyes II

Materials and dimensions variable

For our third year in residence in Le Channel Scene Nationale, we created a dialogue between the landscape of Calais and the public outdoor space of Le Channel. Dans le vert de tes yeux II (The Green in Your Eyes II) - Calaidoscope focuses on the poetry of the historical and ecological landscape around the magnificent site of Le Channel. We wanted the landscape to play the main role in these installations.

Each one of these interventions was conceived and built with the participants of La Fabbrika. Taking Land/Environmental Art as a starting point for creating works in the public space, we wanted the highlighted and slightly modified landscape to present windows to 'look through the walls' of the industrial site of Le Channel. To achieve this, every temporary intervention in the landscape was photographed and printed in a format of 180cm x 180cm. These 6 photos were hung on the Le Channel site and provided with a permanent installation.