Antwerp, Belgium


Elke & Bruno are Elke Thuy (°1982) and Bruno Herzeele (°1975). They come from a background as artist/painter (Elke) and philosopher/theatre scientist (Bruno). Together, they have been producing a varied body of work since 2005. At one point in time, Elke's fascination for images and Bruno's love of stories met. Depending on the circumstances they can be artist, curator, theatremaker, scenographer, photographer and writer.


"Our artistic research translates into expositions, stories and theatre plays, in which the relationship between humans and their surroundings (city, nature, space, other people) plays a crucial part. At their core, all our projects are art projects, yet other perspectives are usually equally important:

* a natural dimension (ex. Biodroom, Calaidoscope)

* an interactive aspect (ex. Dans le vert de tes yeux, The Rozemaai Egg, Cosmogolem, Bamboo)

* an urban plan (ex. Habitat)

* a practical use (ex. Island, Velodrome)

* a story-telling device (ex. Piknik Horrifik, Stories about Dead Birds of the City).

This makes us environmental artists in the broadest sense of the word."

Elke & Bruno