Blok-Bloc Bamboo

Installation, workshop, 2013.

3 days of building with bamboo, straps and Tesa-tape.

Together with the theatre company Laika.

Piknik Horrifik I

Theatre, 2012-2013


Sculpture, 2012.

Commemorative plate for Matterhorn, to inaugurate the new building that will house 3 theatre companies - Laika, de Roovers and Muziektheater Transparant, as of 2014.

Toddlers do Jackson Pollock

Performance, painting, 2017


Installation, 2013

Wonder Child

Installation, 2011

Snow White and the 77 Poisons

Scenography, 2011

Art Light

Installation, 2010


Performance, 2007 and 2013

Pop-up expo

Expo, 2013

Gioco di Memoria e Narrazione

Book, 2011

Tree of Wishes

Installation, 2012.

Miss Moscow

Scenography, 2009

Cosmogolem Left Bank

Installation, 2011

The Shadow of a Tree

Theatre, 2008.