Velodrome II

installation, 2015

The Green in Your Eyes II

12 installations, 2016-2017

Fractured Border

installation, 2017


installation, curator, 2012-13

Whispers and Small Laughter

installation, 2015


expo, curator, 2010

Meetings, like Deams

painting, 2011

The Green in Your Eyes I

5 installations, 2014-2015


sculpture, 2013

Floating Island

painting, 2011

Even Imbeciles can See

sculpture, 2010-2011

Discover the Plantscape

installation, commercial, 2014

Deurnese Da Vincis

installations, 2014-2017

Piknik Horrifik II

theatre, 2013-14

No Forest Too Small

sculpture, 2010

Rozemaai Egg

installation, 2013

At Light Speed

8 drawings, 2017


book, 2013

Wherever He Saw a Hole

sculpture, 2011


theatre, 2016

Along the Path I Warp

6 drawings, 2017

Dead City Birds

theatre, 2008-13

Velodrome I

installation, 2014

At Light Speed

Paper, ink - dim A4

At light Speed there wasn't Much he Could Make of the Growth of the Solid World arose out of the need to make a series of drawings from which reality was omitted as much as possible. These 8 selected works from a series of 50 form one whole: together they dream of an unrecognizable universe, reduced to only a few lines. With Abbott's Flatland novel they share the belief that within their limits they are the only possible universe. The work is about the speed of a life and its consequence: the disintegration of everything that is tangible.