painting, 2017

Velodrome II

installation, 2015

No Forest Too Small

sculpture, 2010

Meetings, like Deams

painting, 2011

Rozemaai Egg

installation, 2013

Velodrome I

installation, 2014

The Green in Your Eyes I

5 installations, 2014-2015


sculpture, 2013

The Green in Your Eyes II

12 installations, 2016-2017

Floating Island

painting, 2011

At Light Speed

8 drawings, 2017

Even Imbeciles can See

sculpture, 2010-2011


book, 2013

Discover the Plantscape

installation, commercial, 2014

Wherever He Saw a Hole

sculpture, 2011

Fractured Border

installation, 2017


installation, curator, 2012-13

Piknik Horrifik II

theatre, 2013-14

Whispers and Small Laughter

installation, 2015


theatre, 2016


expo, curator, 2010

Along the Path I Warp

6 drawings, 2017

Dead City Birds

theatre, 2008-13


Black MDF - 60cm x 80cm x 50cm

Entropy was conceived as an intervention in the exhibition of Bart Prinsen called Parallel Realities # 3at The Factory in Eindhoven. Bart kindly offered us space to create a work in dialogue with the black, steel contours of his old city - actually the fleeting memory of a city that is no longer there.

Entropy is also part of a city that is no longer there. It is the image of a crack in the time of Bruno's youth when a man lit up two WW I bombs on the fourth floor of a social apartment building in a residential area in Brussels. 6 people died, many were injured. The giant hole in the building left a strong mark on his memory - an image of chaos and black emptiness.