painting, 2017

Velodrome II

installation, 2015

No Forest Too Small

sculpture, 2010

Meetings, like Deams

painting, 2011

Rozemaai Egg

installation, 2013

Velodrome I

installation, 2014

The Green in Your Eyes I

5 installations, 2014-2015


sculpture, 2013

The Green in Your Eyes II

12 installations, 2016-2017

Floating Island

painting, 2011

At Light Speed

8 drawings, 2017

Even Imbeciles can See

sculpture, 2010-2011


book, 2013

Discover the Plantscape

installation, commercial, 2014

Wherever He Saw a Hole

sculpture, 2011

Fractured Border

installation, 2017


installation, curator, 2012-13

Piknik Horrifik II

theatre, 2013-14

Whispers and Small Laughter

installation, 2015


theatre, 2016


expo, curator, 2010

Along the Path I Warp

6 drawings, 2017

Dead City Birds

theatre, 2008-13

Piknik Horrifik II

PARADISE Inc., pioneer in sustainability, proposes its newest product: something delicious, something that tastes and cracks in your mouth, something that promises each picnic to become an unforgettable experience. While you are seated at your custom-made picnic tables you become the privileged witness of their efficiency as they show you the total production process of their product. What you get on your plate is made according to the heighest quality standards. And all this takes place in an exclusive environment: a desolate site owned by PARADISE Inc. that transforms into a pop-up Garden of Eden.

Picnic Horrifik takes place on the boundary between the paradise of delicious foods and the hell of our food production. It is set in a world inspired by the work of Hieronymus Bosch, painter of the Garden of Earthly Delights, a work that to this day is still terrifying and fascinating at the same time. Grotesque characters, absurd actions, surreal images: Piknik Horrifik is contemporary Bosch.

For this performance, we worked with Peter De Bie, Michiel Soete, Sara Dykmans, four actors, 10 theatre volunteers, and many extra hands. Picnic Horrifik is a production of Laika, theatre of the senses.